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Cushman & Wakefield Office In Shanghai

Project Type:Workplace

Project Area:1442 Square Meters
Completion Time:2020.11
Owner:Cushman & Wakefield

Prelude to arrival
What comes first is the front hall, which the main function is reception and enterprise display. Here we weaken the characteristics of the traditional front desk. Instead, to set a small and delicate reception desk background and a grand reception space. The transparent glass curtain wall pulls the outdoor city into the indoor space, and the high-definition large screen can play the real-time output of the quantity and quality of the property projects of all things. The design of the whole space shows the friendly and grand enterprise attribute. As the starting point of the tour, we call it space overture.

The beauty of flexibility
Connected with the reception is a conference space enclosed by a transparent moving wall. With the adjustment of the moving partition wall, it can change the size of the conference room at any time. Even can be completely open connected with the front hall space to form a large conference space. Walking through a wooden bookshelf, the honor and pride of all things are displayed here.

Creative agitation
Enter the office area, the office environment is bright. It introducts sunlight and the city into the interior. In the corridor near the office area, different sofa discussion spaces are set up one by one according to the area. Communication and cooperation are happening here at any time.
Close to the inside, there are small conference rooms with different themes. There are brainstorming rooms, fast decision-making room against the wall for discussion, scheme report rooms with high and low levels, and comfortable and warm discussion rooms. Each session has its own theme and features.

Space utilization
In the open office area, a number of independent telephone rooms are set up in front of the structural column grid and curtain wall glass.
We reasonable set the evacuation exit. We also use evacuation doors and passage spaces to set up convenient tea and printing spaces.

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