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Our Space In Nanjing DongYuan

Project Type:Commercial Space

Project Area:840 Square Meters
Complection Time:2019.6
Owner:DongYuan Estate

Our Space is a space which has literature and esthetics atmosphere.It provides a comfortable warm social platform.Chaos University is an innovate university which faces future.Our Space and Chaos University are  unique commercial complex with net red temperament.They not only service the community,but also serviece the whole Nanjing province and Jiangsu province.
Through the characteristic of time,space,region,and brand,we express comfortable and innovation interior spaces.Multi purpose gathering spaces and series art installation increase the whole art sense and interest.The tone of the spaces are emanating peaceful.The design of the english letter active sence of design.
Art interactive devices increase interest and embody sign of the space.Various region fuction has been definited through different decoration of the furniture.In the select of furniture,we seize the texture of material and extend them to every fuction space to rich space gradation.

  • Featured wall with small sequins
  • Multi-functional with a variety of alternative spaces
  • Artificial lightings and geometric paintings

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