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Vanke Headquarter Office In Guiyang

Project Type:Office Space
Project Area:2800 Square Meters
Completion Time:2020.10

The artistic installation in the lobby leave a deep impression on everyone who comes to the Vanke Guiyang office. They are three design features of the Vanke new office in Guiyang, which is devotion, communication and health.The office space is full of vitality. It's not just an office upgrade. Through the cultivation of a vibrant office environment, we also stimulate our potential creativity.
In 2020, in the post epidemic era, indoor working space needs to maintain a certain distance and space. Therefore, in the open office space, having a certain degree of independence, privacy and distance, has become a necessary design element.
The sound-absorbing boards and cork on the wall can not only activate the office atmosphere, but also reduce the noise. They provide a quiet, comfortable and focused working environment for all employees.
The new office has an internet celebrity restaurant where you can eat together. In addition, it also have spaces for afternoon tea. The restaurant and tea room are no longer the functional space for fixed time, they are the home for all the employees to relax and socialize now. Cooperation and communication is everywhere in the new office.
In particular, the concept of healthy office should be mentioned. Soft office lighting, quiet office environment, safe and convenient direct drinking water system provides us with a green, comfortable and sustainable office space from all aspects.

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