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VANKE Headquarter Office In Chengdu

Project Type:Office Space

Project Area:22000 Square Meters
Completion Time:2018.7

VANKE middle and west regions, headquarter building is located in N-1, No.6 high-tech building Tianfu New District Chengdu. Being the corporate headquarter building, it is occupied with employee cafeteria, coffee stores, convenience stores, gym center, library, roof gardens, meeting center and multifunctional integrated office space with open office area and independent offices.

The interior saaircase play a transitional role in the utilization of space...
On the basis, we created an exciting office space, which is free from the restraints of high-rise large buildings in the contemporary era. The organization of functional space achieved the maximization of visual and physical communication both on horizontal and vertical levels.
The designer designed the large builing as a "vertical park" and added some elements of commonality that are used for carrying out activities, gatherings and celebrations, which can fully reflect the spirit  and value of Vanke brand. At the same time, the designer also integrates the personality elements of enterprises and dapartments into the designated workplace by natural means. Vivid elements such as learning, innovation and collaboration are also perfectly permeated into the office space.

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